The New Government of Mongolia

In the 2016 Parliamentary Elections, the Mongolian People’s Party secured 65 seats, the Democratic Party 9, The Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party 1 and a further 1 seat by an independent. Member of Parliament J.Erdenebat was then appointed as the Prime Minister of Mongolia. On the 21st of July 2016, during the Inauguration Session of the State Great Khural the “Law on the Structure of the Government of Mongolia”, “Law on the Composition of the Government of Mongolia”, “Amendments to the Law on the Government of Mongolia”, “Resolution on the Restatement of the State Administrative System and its Structure” was approved as well as the structure for the Prime Minister’s new Cabinet. In terms of the structure of the new Cabinet, there will be 13 ministries in total, 6 of which are functional and 7 directional. As for the composition of the Cabinet, there will be 16 Ministers and 13 deputy Ministers. They are:

  • Prime Minister of Mongolia: J. Erdenebat
  • Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia: U.Khurelsukh
  • Head of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia: J.Munkhbat
  • Minister of Environment and Tourism: D.Oyunkhorol
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Ts.Munkh-­Orgil
  • Minister of Finance B.Choijilsuren
  • Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs: S.Byambatsogt
  • Minister of Labor and Social Welfare: N.Nomtoibayar
  • Minister of Defense: B.Bat-­Erdene
  • Minister of Construction and Urban Development: G.Munkhbayar
  • Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports: J.Batsuuri
  • Minister of Road and Transportation: D.Ganbat
  • Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry: Ts.Dashdorj
  • Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry: P.Sergelen
  • Minister of Energy: P.Gankhuu
  • Minister of Health: A.Tsogtsetseg

According to the “Resolution on the Restatement of the State Administrative System and its Structure”, the Cabinet will also operate with 27 agencies in total, with 10 being regulatory and 17 being implementation agencies.

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